Braces in Palatine, IL

Braces in Palatine, ILFix misalignment issues and other concerns when you use the options from Total Orthodontics. At our local practice, we offer a variety of functional appliances for individuals of all ages. We hope to be your office of choice when you need braces in Palatine, IL. This particular orthodontic appliance is the most common, but that’s because we believe in the application and proven results of this method. Our goal is to help you correct different problems, allowing you to smile with confidence. Schedule a consultation with us today for more on our metal or ceramic braces.

Braces Correct Every Issue

Is it difficult for you to show your smile to the world? When misaligned teeth and bite issues have you struggling with your confidence, we are here to help you. Our metal, ceramic, and lingual braces are designed to correct these concerns. Gentle pressure and time combine to shift your teeth back into the right position. While we understand that people are concerned with the amount of time they’ll need to wear braces, we can assure you your patience will be fully rewarded when you see the final result.

The Braces Process

Your new smile starts with a visit to our practice for your orthodontic treatment options. We start the process by taking a detailed mold of your mouth. With these impressions, we are able to create a custom treatment plan for your braces.

Create a smile you are proud to show off to the world. Call our office in Palatine, IL, today to discover more on our orthodontic options.